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  • Why stay at a bed and breakfast?

    Maria Drakos - 6/13/2016 12:00:00 AM

    Why not? Have you experienced everything the world has to offer? Are the big impersonal Hotels your only choice? Shouldn't you try everything? When was the last time a chain Hotel treated you like family? Wouldn’t you want someone to be interested in your vacation and want you to enjoy your surroundings? Do you think the person behind the desk or the concierge at the big Hotels even know what day of the week it is? Or cares? When you’ve asked “is there a good restaurant nearby” did they bother to ask “What would you like to eat” or did they blurt out a few options with their locations? Did you feel like that person had given that answer to a dozen people before you? Whatever happened to thoughtful questioning to get to a result? How would it be if you asked the owner or innkeeper at the B&B that you’re staying and the reply was” You might like This Restaurant” “, here’s a menu” and “we ate their last week and it was great”? Did that person take a little more time with you? A little more engaged? A little more interested in you?

    Why stay at a bed and breakfast?

    Why not stay in a house that has some history, that has charm, that is lovingly looked after? Did you ever pass a B&B or country Inn and stay “I wonder what it looks like in there”? How many times have you come to Ocean City and passed the Atlantic House and say to yourself “Someday I’m going to peek in? What’s it like being in one of the few untouched authentic structures left in Ocean City, MD.?

    Make a reservation with us and we’ll try to answer some of these rhetorical questions. But here’s a great question? How many question marks in this BLOG. Email us with your answer.

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